The Aventura shipyard

The AVENTURA catamarans from Tunisia convince with solid boat building, modern LASTA design and manageable size in the affordable price segment. The French Aventura shipyard produces both sailing and power catamarans on the Tunisian Mediterranean coast. In cooperation with LASTA Design, Aventura manufactures individually configurable multihulls from 34′ to 48′.

The shipyard, which has been successfully managed by Eric Roger for more than 20 years, convinces among other things with innovative designs, solid sailing characteristics and a remarkable space utilisation concept on all of the multihulls presented so far.

The Aventura 37 was presented most recently. Since 2021, this model closes the gap between the Aventura 34 and Aventura 44, is easy to manoeuvre and offers plenty of space to feel comfortable despite its manageable 37′.

Since 2002, we at cat sale have been representing the Aventura shipyard and enjoying satisfied owners of the Aventura multihulls.


Aventura 34Aventura 34 Vorstellung und Rundgang

Aventura 37

Aventura 50 MY

All Aventura models

Aventura 37

Aventura 45

Aventura 35 MY

Aventura 50 MY

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