After almost fifty NEEL 51 trimarans delivered, the NEEL TRIMARANS shipyard management commissioned the Marc Lombard Design Office to construct an optimised design for the 50′ ocean cruiser segment. The result is the NEEL 52, which can be individually adapted to the owner’s sailing programme with a multitude of layout variants. Everything about this design is new and yet benefits from the proven virtues of the successful predecessor model.

The construction of the first NEEL 52 has started and we expect the presentation of the prototype, NEEL 52 N°1, on fast water off La Rochelle, as early as February 2023.

The “soft opening“ will then be followed by a six-month test sail phase.

In addition to the constructors, designers and boat builders, we also invite interested customers to optimise the new NEEL flagship for the series with as many knowledgeable people as possible.

Length over all15,85 m
Width over all7,90 m
Draft1,90  m
Airdraft24 m
Displacement12,6 t
Mainsail95 m2
Headsail70 m2
Water tank1 x 600 l
Fuel tank1 x 700 l
Engine1 x 110 hp
DesignerMarc Lombard

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