Why sail a catamaran?

Advantages of catamarans and trimarans

Sailors of multihull yachts are usually very convinced by this type of yacht, while monohull sailors have a wealth of reservations. That’s why multihulls are in percentage terms in our latitudes is still a significant minority. There are a number of advantages of multihull sailing yachts. Bobby and Carla Schenk, known to many as experienced cruising sailors have listed these arguments:

The catamaran offers more security

    1. A cat can not fall. Even if the ship has to be abandoned, there is enough time to take the necessary utensils that are not accommodate due to space limitations in the liferaft. Monos can go down within a few minutes.
    2. A cat sails upright, the ship’s movements are more comfortable. Thus, the risk of injury and the possibility of falling overboard is lower.
    3. At sea, the work in the mast is less hazardous.
    4. Similarly, work on the bow is less risky and even more convenient.
    5. The service in the galley is less strenuous and hazardous.
    6. The smut does not need to fight against skidding dishes and spilling boiling soup.
    7. A catamaran having two motors usually brings double safety.
    8. A Kat has two rudders, if necessary, it can also be controlled with one.
    9. Due to the stable situation, the psychological burden on the sailor is less, on a cat, there is rare seasickness.
    10. In a stranding on flat sand or mud bottom the cat is kept upright and has little trouble with rising water to come free.
    11. Due to the enormous width the mast is easier to stay.
    12. Spi or Genakker are driven without a boom.
    13. The sails are easier and safer to set to jibe and recover.
    14. A cat is faster, which shortens the duration of the voyage.

The catamaran is a space saver

    1. Cruising catamarans have completed several booths, thus offering plenty of privacy, especially when relatives, friends or children are on board.
    2. For larger catamarans there in the bow of the hulls also each have a room with shelves for spare parts, hand tools, etc.
    3. The large cockpit is an additional living space, especially in the Mediterranean and in the tropics, where life happens mainly outdoors.
    4. A catamaran offers enough headroom in the cabins , saloon and under the bimini.
    5. There is enough room on the bimini, deck house and the bow for solar cells. A generator is not necessary.
    6. The dinghy can be driven on deck.
    7. On deck there is enough space for additional fuel and water in canisters.
    8. The size of the salon is always bigger than of a mono of the same length.
    9. There is enough room to take paying guests on board.
    10. A catamaran is child friendly. The large cockpit is a safe playground for children.
    11. A corresponding fore deck ideal for sunbathing and for naps.
    12. On a catamaran is ample closet space.

Comfort like in a luxury hotel

  1. Due to the lower draft may be closer to anchor on the shore, so you can row the few meters to land and save the outboard.
  2. An anchorage in shallower water is often better protected bays from wind and swell.
  3. At anchorages, which are shunned by monos because of swell, cats are often still relatively quiet.
  4. Clean up and lashing of objects is not necessary before departure.
  5. On plastic dishes can be omitted. Also at the high sea you can eat from china.
  6. No problem arises when stowing crockery and bottles. Along the way there are no rattling and no shards.
  7. Bottles and dishes remain standing in harder weather on the table, you can dine at sea like in a luxury restaurant.
  8. In light winds, a cat under motor moves counterclaim as if on rails, on a supporting sail can be dispensed with, no rolling, no jerking, no sail beating.
  9. The cat rolls downwind relatively little. Even against the wind, there is little sail flapping and no jerking.
  10. Due to the width the headsail can be fixed better.
  11. A gimbaled stove or table is superfluous on a cat.
  12. A cat has no bunks, but beds. The sleeping at sea is relaxing, studding sails are not necessary, there is no danger from the bunk to fall.
  13. If only one engine used on the go, you can sleep quiet in the other hull without the noise.
  14. Under the Bimini can wet oilskins or clothes hung out to dry, the moisture remains outside the cabin.
  15. The cockpit of the Kats is relatively high and is covered with the stay in marinas from other ships, thus it is airy and often provides moreover a nice view.
  16. With large heat suitable space between the hulls for swimming in the shade.
  17. A cat turns on the plate by simply maneuvering with two machines.
  18. A bow thruster is superfluous.
  19. A catamaran is one per enclosed space much cheaper to buy than a mono.
  20. At the rear, there is enough space to attach brackets for stern anchors and outboard.
  21. Falling dry is less complicated than in mono and above all, safer.
  22. Cats have a comfortable input instead of a narrow decline.
  23. The salon looks with its large windows bright and friendly.
  24. Drains go directly into the water, the risk of clogging is low.
  25. TV, video and microwave need not be installed. They also remain in harder weather in place.
  26. Through the hatch can be fished directly from the salon.
  27. When you go anchor up and it is covered with mud and filth, the armature cleans itself when these loops in continue for a short time between the hulls through the water. In a mono, the armature would beat against the bow.

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