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Founded in 2007, Swiss Cat Yachts under the direction of CEO Philippe Chatel has developed into a renowned shipyard that builds individually configurable performance yachts.
In collaboration with Bay srl, Swiss Cat Yachts relocated to Italy in 2022, where the yard now builds performance catamarans to the highest quality standards.

With over 20 years of experience, Swiss Cat Yachts continues to develop catamarans and power yachts, constantly researching new technologies and refining its boats.
Swiss Cat Yachts are built with precision and dedication in modern production halls.
By using the latest technology, the qualified employees manufacture the outer lines and details of each catamaran with millimetre precision.

The shipyard recently presented its new flagship, the Swiss Cat 55, which is set to shake up the performance catamaran market in the long-distance sailing segment and will define new standards, particularly in terms of quality combined with luxury for high-performance sailing.

The new SC 55

SC 55

The new flagship of Swiss Cat Yachts.

Building number 1 is nearing completion and can be viewed for the first time from May 2024.

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