ITA 14.99

The Philosophy

Elegance, comfort, and performance. Three criteria for an innovative design, characterized by elegant and dynamic lines.
A catamaran developed from the vision of combining Italian elegance and attention to detail, with the most modern technology. The ITA 14.99 is the first project of ITACATAMARANS: a top class catamaran, technologically sophisticated, with excellent sailing characteristics.

The Design

Designed by an international team of architects and designers, the ITA 14.99, is a highly innovative and boat-building catamaran. It is built in Marche, Italy, using only certified materials and state-of-the-art techniques. Both the design and the technologies used in the construction of the ITA 14.99 ensure an extremely light yet rigid hull structure.  The space utilization concept, thought through in detail, combined with hydrodynamically perfectly tuned hull forms, makes the ITA 14.99 a fast and light catamaran with, if desired, a luxurious as well as comfortable interior. The special interior design and the high quality of the materials in combination with the most modern construction techniques make the ITA 14.99 a top class catamaran.

The Innovation

Sustainability, a philosophy pursued with vigor by ITACATAMARANS, finds its ultimate expression in the innovative solutions expressed on the ITA 14.99 catamaran. Thanks to the partnership with OCEANVOLT, the Finnish world leader in electric propulsion for yachts, the ITA 14.99 is sustainable, clean and energy self-sufficient. The lithium batteries are recharged by recuperation while underway, and supplemented by feed-in from the solar system. In addition, the ITA 14.99 is equipped with a SCHENKER seawater desalination system, which uses the “Energy Recovery System”, reducing power consumption by up to 80%.

The goal of ITACATAMARANS is to offer every day of the year a high quality product with high innovation content and excellent service, without neglecting in any way aspects of sustainability and safety.


The modern and efficiently designed rig was designed to be easily handled by just one person or a small crew. Due to the low displacement and the hydrodynamically perfectly tuned hull shapes, the self-tacking jib and the square-top mainsail are sufficient to bring the catamaran up to wind speed.


Technical Details: ITA 14.99
Length over all14,99 m
Width  7,80 m
Draft  1,20 m
Air draft23,60 m
Displacement10,50 t
Mainsail91 m2
Headsail49 m2
Water tank2 x 330 l
Fuel tank1 x 215 l
Engine2 x 30 hp

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