NEEL 43 N° 1-10 Reservation slot at a trust price of € 299,000 basic boat.

The NEEL shipyard hereby opens up the possibility of entering the premier series N°1-10 with a direct reservation. The new NEEL 43 has been designed by the renowned Marc Lombard construction office, which has already been profiled with the NEEL 47.

The building process started and the construction of NEEL 43 N°1-3 is scheduled for the second half of 2020. According to current planning, the NEEL 43 N°10 is to be delivered in August 2021.

The new overlapping saloon design allows a layout with up to eight + one berths (3 double + 2 single + 1 on saloon sofa). The first five reservations are drawn and previously reserved under 3x French-, 2x Foreign Flag.

The basic price for the first 10 NEEL 43 will be funded with a € 30,000 trust bonus at € 299,000. Equipped ready to sail and ready to sail for long journeys, the final price will therefore be € 350,000 – € 400,000 net.

The reservation contract for the conditions presented above is available at cat sale on request. The reservation becomes valid when the contract is signed and a deposit is deposited in the amount of € 10,000. This reservation can be cancelled until the public presentation of NEEL 43 N° 1, whereby the deposit will be refunded after deducting a € 100 processing fee. This procedure has already proven itself with the market launch of the NEEL 47 trimaran and is now also confirmed for the NEEL 43 production start.

If you are interested in one of these reservation slots, don’t hesitate to contact us for details.

I would be happy to arrange an appointment with you to visit the NEEL trimarans and the production facilities in La Rochelle.

Looking forward to your decision.