Outremer 55

At BOOT 2020 …

the new model 55 of the shipyard in southern France was presented to the public. The Outremer 55 closes the previous gap between the two models 51 and 5X and also offers a number of innovations, which are based to a large extent on the feedback from a number of crews on long journeys.

In the press conference, it was remarkable to see how high the share of sailing time of journeys made with different sailing performance is: A ship that sails well in 5 kn winds sails 95% of the trips. For a ship that does not run until the wind is 11 kn, the sailed share of the trip is reduced to a good third (36%), so almost two thirds are covered under machine. A striking argument for light weight and good sailing performance. (Source: Outremer, OY55-Presentation-Conf-Presse-19-01-2020)

This is the basis

of all Outremer Kats and also with the new 55 in connection with the usual construction quality. There are also some very interesting new features, such as the folding steering wheels, a central kitchen island in the salon, a well thought-out ventilation concept and revised energy management. A 3- and a 4-cabin version are available as expansion options, further customizations are possible, e.g. the installation of a workshop or an office.

For planning

and the construction of the Outremer 55, extensive studies were carried out on the selection of materials with low environmental impact (e.g. reusable infusion devices).

The new Outremer 55 catamaran sets new standards in its segment in terms of sailing performance, handling, balanced living space, good opportunities for movement, light, ventilation and technical equipment.

We are looking forward to the first new buildings that have already been ordered. Please contact us for further information!

Outremer 55 NEW 360°-Simulation

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Specifications 55
Length54,9 ft
Beam27,2 ft
Draught4,4- 7,5 ft
Displacement13,4/18,5 t
Airdraught80,7 ft
Mainsail104 m2
Genoa68 m2
Selftacking jib48 m2
Gennaker115 m2
Spinnaker140 m2 / 220 m2

CE approval

8/26 Personen

Engines2 x 60 HP
Design-consultantPatrick Le Quément

OUTREMER 55 inside: